Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Crayon Vox Box

Hey guys!! Today we’re going to review the new Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Crayons!!! As always I will give my disclaimer that yes I did receive these for free from Influenster however all opinions are my own!! Now that that’s out of the way on with the review!! First off let me tell you how exciting it was to get this box I literally stalked my email and Influenster app to see if I got in lol. I received two of the Lip Crayons one in Send Nudes and the other in Flaming Oh!

This is Send Nudes and it is a beautiful almost Mauve Nude Color. Fully opaque and beautiful color as you can see. This was also without any lip liner. It went on so smooth and I was able to get great definition with the Lip Crayon. It dries down to an almost matte and holds up really well. I tested it out by wearing it to work for 8 hours and other then a little touch up after I ate it lasted my whole shift!! It’s not fully transfer proof but almost. It’s also super comfortable on the lips!!

This one is in Flaming Oh! and definitely a sassy color!! It’s not a color I usually wear I normally prefer nudes. But I fell in love with this color especially on days when I do a more natural eye look. Surprisingly this was very comparable to Send Nudes. It’s very opaque and very saturated in color. It did take me a extra second to get it just right on my lips but I think that was more me being unused to working with brighter colors. I also tested this out at work with the same results as Send Nudes!! I will say that I like the way Send Nudes fades a little better then Flaming Oh but again that’s probably me being unused to brighter lip colors.

So in closing these are definitely something worth checking out if you haven’t already!! Their $26 well worth the money I think! Click Here to check them out!! #LemarcLiquidLipCrayon #contest

I love giving reviews on the products I receive from Influenster I love sharing about this company it’s definitely something I’m passionate about!! If anyone is interested in signing up click here I promise you won’t regret it!! I’ll see you guys in a few days!! Next post will be a small ColourPop haul!! 😘

Influenster L’Oréal Elvive VoxBox Review ❤️

Hey guys!!! To start I’m sorry I disappeared for so long! I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say life got crazy for a while but I’m back and have a bunch of new posts for you!! That said on with the review!!!!

So to start I have short hair so it is hard to get a good picture of what a product can do for it lol. But bare with me!! So if anyone remembers from my last review on a hair care product I get oily in the scalp but dry in my ends so when I got the Elvive VoxBox I was excited but unsure if it would work for me. There was three different boxes and I received the Color Vibrancy Repair and Protection Balm. They claimed after one use you would notice a huge difference. And I was pleasantly surprised to have that happen the first time I used the product. I color my hair about every 5 weeks and I was probably around week 4 when I used this. Around that time my hair usually starts looking dull and lifeless. It was actually bothering me to the point that I was considering coloring it a little earlier. But the I tried the Elvive and I was shocked by how great my hair looked and felt. Obviously I still had roots showing lol but it literally made my hair feel alive again. It was shiny and full bodied. It really just impressed me very much. It claims to help protect and repair weak over processed hair while preserving color vibrancy. I wholeheartedly agree with those claims. I’ve never ever had a product bring this much life to my hair. I was so impressed I decided to hold of coloring my hair for another 2 weeks using this every 3/4 days and besides the longer roots you would have thought I had already had it colored! I am completely obsessed with this product and when I looked for it at my local Walmart it was very reasonable as well! So I would highly recommend this product to anyone who colors their hair!! But for anyone who doesn’t L’Oréal has a bunch of different kinds from the Elvive line that I’ve heard great things about! Everyone can find their match!! I did receive this product for free for review but all opinions are my own! Make sure to let me know if you’ve tried any of these products! I’d love to know your thoughts!! See you soon loves!!!!!

Summer Beauty Favorites 🌺☀️

Hi guys!! Now that August is almost over I thought it would be a good time to post about the products that have been my ride or dies this summer!! It was really hard to narrow it down lol but these are the products I use on the daily so I figured they’d be the best to talk about! i

The Juvias Place masquerade palette has been an absolute favorite of mine. The price is pretty easy on the wallet and the quality is out of this world! These shadows are so buttery and pigmented it’s crazy. I have been able to make so many looks with this palette from light and natural to dark and dramatic. This palette has really helped pull me out of my comfort zone using different colors!! I actually use the blues which I always stayed away from before!

The Mario Badescu facial spray is seriously my holy grail item of the bunch. I got this when I first tried out the Badescu products and have been hooked ever since!! It’s so light and refreshing and so so soothing on the skin. I use it all the time. I even started using it as a setting spray for my makeup and I have to say it works just as good if not better then some of the other ones I tried. Perfect for all year when you need just a little refresh!!

The Jeffrey Star and Manny Mua collab liquid lipstick in Daddy has been my go to lip product for months!! It’s the perfect brown nude for my skin tone. Not to dark but not to light either. The formula is amazing as well! It’s never to drying which for me is a huge issue with liquid lipsticks. It doesn’t crack or require touching up unless your eating a ton of food lol but if you do need a touch up you can and the product doesn’t get weird when you do!!

The Milani contour and highlight cream and liquid has seriously stepped up my contour game!! I never really was a huge fan of contouring with powders I felt like it just sat on the skin and made my face feel heavy. And I was nervous about creams but I sucked it up and bought this at my local drugstore and I don’t regret it at all! It is the perfect shade for my fair skin. It has a very neutral undertone which for me is great! The formula just sinks beautifully into the skin and gives me a beautiful contour without much effort. If you have been thinking about cream contour this one is perfect plus it’s not very pricey!!

Well that’s it guys!! I hope you’ve enjoyed my summer favorites!! Have any of you tried any of these?? Let me know if you have!! Anything on here you want to try? If you have any questions let me know!! And I’m more then happy to provide swatches of the palette if anyone is interested!! Until next time! ❤️

Favorite Beauty YouTubers 💋

Hi guys!!! So I’m really excited about today’s post!! I’ve been gathering everything for it all last week!! It’s going to be an in depth post on my absolute favorite YouTubers ever!! I hope you enjoy!!

BabsBeauty or Stephanie Stipes is number one on my list!! She does the best reviews and I’ve been watching her for quite a while. She’s honest and doesn’t lie about products which as we all know can be hard to find. If she doesn’t like it she’ll tell you. She has done some pretty incredible makeup looks that are definitely appealing to me. She has a very good balance between reviews and makeup tutorials. And I love her hauls!!! She’s very genuine and real which carries over into her videos!! She also doesn’t get involved in the drama of the beauty community which is a plus for me lol. As soon as she uploads I try to watch it as soon as I can!! Click Here if you’d like to check her out!!!

I don’t know how anyone could not like Kathleen Lights. I’ve been watching her for a long time and she never fails to impress me with her videos. Her reviews are always honest and I also love the fact that she’s not a code pusher. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand that discount codes are beauty gurus bread and butter but I don’t need them thrown at me every five seconds lol. She is probably the sweetest person ever and I have loved watching her for a long time!! Her makeup tutorials are always fun and different she’s definitely a good person to check out!! Click Here if you want to check her out!!!

Ahhh Shannon I love her so much she has been my obsession for a long time!!! She’s out of New Zealand and always has the best videos. She does it all reviews, hauls, fashion and makeup tutorials. I absolutely loooooooove her makeup tutorials she always comes up with the most amazing looks. She’s been doing a cocktail inspired eyeshadow look series that I’m super obsessed with. She also very honest and I’ve bought quite a few things at her recommendation before!! Click Here to check her out!!

Last but certainly not least is Jaime Paige. She’s a YouTuber out of Canada and has a special place in my heart she is actually the first YouTuber I started watching a ways back. And I have loved her and her channel ever since. She’s super down to earth and very genuine. She gives amazing reviews and I love the fact that she does drugstore makeup videos quite a bit because who doesn’t want good makeup for less?? Her recommendations are are always good I’ve bought a lot of product on her recommendation and have never been disappointed!! Click Here to check her out I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

Well there it is!!! My favorite YouTubers!! I have more that I follow and like but these are the ones I rely on for honest reviews and no drama lol. Not that everyone in the beauty world is always dramatic buuuuuuuut lol quite a few are. I hope you guys have enjoyed and let me know if you follow any of my favorites 😉❤️

Influenster Herbal Essence Review 🌺

Hi guys!! Sorry I’ve been gone for so long I apparently needed a break lol. Social Media was starting to make me crazy hahaha. But I’m now back and today I will be reviewing the new Herbal Essence bio renew shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo I recently got from Influenster!! A quick disclaimer I did receive these products for free but all opinions are my own!! All right on the the review!!

Naked Moisture Rosemary & Herbs Shampoo and Conditioner.

These have pleasantly surprised me. I usually use either LoReal or Living Proof products on my hair I haven’t used Herbal Essence in a very very long time and I’m not gonna lie I didn’t really like them back then. I always loved the smell but I unfortunately have a oily scalp with dry ends and it never worked well for me. Well I still love the smell and honestly I really do like the new formula. It didn’t make my hair feel to dry or over conditioned. I live in New Mexico and it’s very dry here so trying to balance my hair needs can be hard. But this did a good job at meeting the needs I have while still leaving my hair feeling nice and soft.

Herbal Essence bio renew Dry Shampoo Volume White grapefruit & Mosa Mint

First off let me tell you this smells as amazing as it sounds I instantly fell in love. Now I’m very picky about dry shampoos I don’t like a lot of brands. My favorite is Not Your Mothers Beach Babe dry shampoo. For me it works the best. This Herbal Essence one though is coming close to beating it. It not only makes my hair smell amazing but it instantly helps any oil in my scalp (which is an issue lol) while not flaking or making my hair feel crunchy. It actually makes my hair feel really soft. I’m super pleased with it all around.

So all in all I was pleasantly surprised. I’m super happy I got to try these out and even happier that they worked so well!!! Thank you for joining me today!! I’m glad to be back!! See you guys Sunday!! ❤️

Morphe Copper Spice palette review 🍁🍁

Hi guys!!!! So today we’re going to talk about the Morphe Copper Spice palette!!! At only around $18 it is quite a nice palette for the money. Very pigmented and creamy shadows this palette is perfect for fall. I love neutrals and this palette doesn’t disappoint.

This is an eye look I made using this palette!! It’s my go to look that I wear a lot when I don’t feel like being creative lol. As you can see the colors blend seamlessly together. They don’t get muddy and are not hard to blend. The metallic colors are beautifully brilliant in color. I do wet my brush when using metallic colors but that’s what I do for all shadows I just like the results better. The mattes are super soft and blend able. Very buttery. And literally no fall out or kick back either. I know that their are a lot of neutral palettes out there but this in my opinion is one of the best while being reasonable.

Here are some swatches for you guys!! I apologize in advance lol my searching is not the greatest!!! Well I hope you like my review and hope to hear your thoughts on this palette!! Have you tried it!! See you soon ❤️

Milani lipsticks review 💋

Hi guys!!! So today I wanted to chat about a new find of mine!!! So I love matte lipsticks their pretty much all I wear lol! But I’m not a fan of how drying they can be. Recently I bought some Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte lipsticks and I have to say I’m in looooooooove!!! They don’t necessarily dry down to a true Matte but they get really close. Their hydrating and very comfortable on the lips. They have a wide array of colors to choose from and are very reasonable. And they actually do last a long time as well. I also like the fact that if you need to touch up they look as flawless as when you first put them on. They don’t clump on the inner lip or crack. For the price they really are a great lipstick! And their colors are very very opaque. They have a color for everyone from nudes to brights to dark and vampy. All in all I’m glad I found them!! What do you think? Have any of you tried them? What’s your favorite Matte lipstick?? Let me know!!! See you on Friday loves ❤️

New Julep Cushion Concealer 🌺

Hey Guys!!! So today I wanted to share my thoughts on the new Julep Cushion Concealer!! Just a quick disclaimer I was sent this product by Crowdtap to test. However all my opinions are my own and I wasn’t required to write a blog post about this product but I loved it so much I just had to share with you!! Ok lol on the the good stuff!!!

So first let me show you what it claims to do and then we’ll chat about my opinions.

First is conceal. Yes it really does conceal very well at least for me!! I would say this starts at a medium coverage and you can definitely build it up to a full. And the best part is it doesn’t get heavy or make you look like a pancake lol. Second is correct. Again for me this works amazingly! I have a little bit of rosacea on my left cheek that I’m a bit self conscious about and it does a wonderful job covering it up!! Third Illuminate. I have been using this in the high points of my face and it really does work quite well. And again since it’s not super heavy it doesn’t make you look like your wearing a ton of extra makeup lol. Fourth is blur. And I 100% agree with this one. I’m starting to get little fine lines under my eyes and it not only doesn’t emphasis them it really does blur them and makes them less noticeable. Obviously it doesn’t take them away (I wish!) but it helps immensely!! The last is brighten. Now this is the one thing I can’t completely claim it does I’ve only been using it for a little over a week however I will say my face looks quite luminous after I use it. Overall I’m quite impressed with the product. The price is on the high end side at $30 however I usually buy Tarte Shape Tape at $25 so it’s not much more expensive. Plus I think I’m liking this more it’s not as heavy and as much as I love Shape Tape it’s not something I want to use everyday. I also like the fact that they have a very large amount of skin tone choices to pick from. Cause not everyone is an albino like me lol! If you’d like to check out this concealer click Here!! You won’t be disappointed I promise you!! So what do you think?? Will anyone be giving it a look?? Has anyone tried it for themselves?? Let me know!!! See you guys on Wednesday ❤️

Highlighter Series ✨ Liquid Highlighters

Hi guys!!! So today we’re going to talk about Liquid Highlighters!! I have two to review for you! One drugstore one high end. Let’s get started!

First we have the Maybelline Strobing Liquid in light. This is a very beautiful intense liquid highlighter. It’s an almost white highlight with a pink iridescent shift to it. This is probably one of the few drugstore highlighters that could definitely be compared to a high end one. I will say it is super super intense so if you are more into a natural highlight this might not be for you. Maybelline also makes a medium tone liquid highlighter that’s a beautiful darker gold!!

Next we have the Temptu liquid glow that I got in one of my Boxycharms. It is a gorgeous rose gold color that’s quite flattering on a lot of skin tones. My friend has a medium skin tone and it looked amazing on her. It’s also a more buildable highlight so you can start more naturally and add more for a more intense highlight. It has a beautiful gold shift to it that I’m completely obsessed with. I did get this in a Boxycharm however they do sell this shade on the Temptu website so anyone can get it!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post!! What did you think of our Highlighter Series??? Was it informative? I hope so!! So tomorrow we will be chatting about concealers!! This coming week is packed full of reviews and new inspirations. I hope to see you all back here ❤️